ALL Hotels Require A 2 Night Minimum Stay For The Discounted Rates
Welcome to the official housing web site for the Midwest JVA Challenge Volleyball Tournament!
Reservations made after April 1, 2019 are subject to the hotel’s approval. Rooms may not be available at the same rates.
*You must submit valid credit card information which will be used to secure (at a minimum) your first night’s stay. Rooms will not be held without this information. Everyone will abide by the Hotel’s cancellation policy. It is the responsibility and liability of the person making the reservations to inform everyone in their room block of these policies. A complete rooming list, and or completion of parent block, is required by March 15, 2019 or within 7 days from receiving your hotel confirmation, whichever is later. The room list form (if applicable) can be found on the web site.

INDIVIDUALS:  Please select the individual search button if you are in need of 1-2 rooms.  You MUST put your daughter’s team name AFTER your last name on the reservation page.  Your reservation will be completed, with nothing more needed, once you submit enter.

GROUPS:  Please select the group search button if you are in need of more than 2 rooms.  You may either provide a rooming list (a form can be found on our web site) OR you will receive a link to send to your parents to secure their room within the group block.  You will also receive a link to monitor the block by creating a password.  Note that nothing will be charged to your card but rather it is used as a guarantee for the hotels.  Also be aware the rooms you book DO NOT automatically fall off.  All requests to reduce and or cancel any unused or over booked rooms MUST be sent via an email to  The amount of penalty (if any) is dependent upon when and how many rooms are being requested to cancel.

Should you modify your search by adding or reducing the number or type of rooms needed, other hotels may or may not be available, as this is a live room count software system. Your hotel choice will be confirmed instantly. Please contact us if you are in need of more rooms at a particular hotel or if you do not see a specific hotel listed.

Email confirmations for your reservation are sent automatically from the following email address:  Please make sure you check your spam and blocked mail if you do not see it in your email box.  Double check your email address for accuracy before completing your reservation.

CANCELLATION POLICIES for all of the hotels are listed on the left hand side and a MUST READ for everyone in your block of rooms. 

You agree that you have read and are legally bound by the all of the above by continuing to make a reservation via this web site.

Thank you for choosing to support these local hotels and we look forward to seeing you in Des Moines!

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